Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Long Story... 

Hi, My name is De Lisa Carol a 30 something who found herself in debt ($170,00 as of Jan 2018), extremely unhealthy (256 as of Jan 2018) and coping with depression/anxiety. I really did not notice this until around my 30th birthday. I was asked the question, "What are you going to do next in your life now that you are almost done with your Masters degree." This is pretty much a normal question anyone would ask but it really had me thinking. 

I had spent all of my twenties throwing myself into my work, school and my side hustle so I would not have to deal with my depression. Even in college, I would drink like a fish, be the first one to get into a fight with someone and over spend to release the anxiety I had. This left me with feeling like I never really accomplished anything worth getting excited about, despite working at a "Great Job",  getting my Masters and a lot of other stuff. I was just unhappy and lack real excitement.

By the time, I reached my 30th birthday, I made a DECISION to change. A change that would allow me to be in the right mental space, build wealth and reclaim my snatch waist. I decided to get rid of my entire business, focus on educating and allow other's into this path of being a bealth. 

I started Bealth to not only share what I am learning about money, health and really loving myself  but to be a platform for women of color to start building their wealth and health so they can really get a taste of the good life. 



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