I'm a artist, who has a lot of passion for a lot of things (Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Video, Branding & Digital Marketing #TeamTooMuch)  but ultimately after spending my twenties running around in circles, I landed on helping others build their brand visibility and how to run a business easy as a Brand & Visibility Coach. Here are the 3 things I help beauty, health and wellness solo- entrepreneurs with as a Brand & Visibility Coach Coach:

  • How to match your passion with your business (Passion Meets Business)
  • How to put it all together online  (Business meet Strategy)
  • How to create balance between being Entrepreneur & Life.
    (A Passion filled business with strategy meet balance) 

The end results: You becoming clear, confident and epic about your business and life.

Right now, You can:

  • Gain some wisdom #lifelessons from myself and other beauty, health and wellness gurus on my De Lisa Carol Collective Podcast.
  • Take baby steps on learning how to use the social media tools to build your business so you can be EPIX in your business.  
  • If you are ready to take the full leap, Join me on one of my retreats were I help you reclaim, rebuild and recharge your beauty, health and wellness business at the Brandmixology Retreat. 

Upon request, I work with brands on a one on one bases. There are so much goodies, I have to share with you but those are the basics of what I do. 

Cool Facts: I've been featured, my work has been published and every now and then I talk to people and help them take action and get motivated. 

Past Speaking Engagements

Mint Conference

United Women in Business   Foundation

Her Nation

AC Learn

Dr. Gina Prince Radio Show

Artspoken Station

Tomayia Colvin Education

AC Learning

Paul Mitchel School

Ablazin Radio station



Publish Publications 

Hair Magazine 

Black Beauty Magazine

Black Hair

Madame Noire

Doll House Magazine

Industry Born Magazine

Elegant Magazine

Elegance Magazine

Black Female Photographer 2016

Black Female Photographer 2015 (Cover)

Funtimes Magazine (Cover)

The Stylette


Salyse Magazine



Facon Magazine



Her Campus

The Scene DMV 

Tynesse Blog

Scoop USA NewsPaper

Raw New artist