Getting Over a Broken Heart with Cassandra Vincent


If you listen to my story, you will know that there were 3 things that happen in life that propelled me to become a photographer so I could get myself out of a funk.  One of which was getting over a heartbreak. I felt so low, that I needed to create something positive in my life and I was able to make people see themselves a beautiful new way. Our Guest speaker Cassandra Vincent, talks about her heartbreak and how she was able to create something positive to give back to the world.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Cassandra N. Vincent is a transformational speaker, coach, and facilitator on a mission to lead a movement of purpose-driven, whole, and ambitious women who are committed to living the life they desire. Driven by her personal story of challenge and triumph, her messages are immersed in themes of empowerment, personal development, and growth. Cassandra is a dynamic communicator who speaks from a place of compassion, transparency, and authenticity, making her an in-demand speaker and facilitator.

Thanks to her unique ability to help audiences change the way they see themselves and their lives, Cassandra’s talks and signature event, “The Vision + Strategy Brunch” are truly transformative. Her gift lies in helping women create an authentic personal vision for the lives, identify personal strengths, while also providing them with the tools and strategies they need to design their best and most desired life.

Cassandra is the author of The Smart Woman's Bounce Back Guide After A Bad Breakup and The Vision+Strategy Workbook: A Reflection Guide For The Woman Who Is Ready To Change Her World.

    In this episode we explore:

    • How do you get over heartbreak
    • What are the stages of heartbreak
    • What is heartbreak
    • How Heartbreak inspired Cassandra to step into her passion
    • The best advice for women how are going through a heartbreak right now. 

    Show Notes

    Check out her book The Smart Woman's Bounce Back Guide After A Bad Breakup




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