How many times have you woke up unhappy and cant seem to find the joy in what you are doing? I found this to be a problem last year when something that I've been doing for years was no longer serving me. I brought guest speaker Jamaya Moore a talent makeup artist and coach to talk about how she remain happy and joyful despite having to deal with overwhelming things in her own life. 

About Our Guest Speaker:

With 10 years as a professional makeup artist, beauty expert, television personality, and most recently, a two-time author, Jamaya Moore has forged some of the most meaningful relationships with clients and companies who, too, are synonymous with an impeccable work ethic, integrity, and a consistent message.As a multi-faceted makeup artist, Jamaya has worked in various media formats including print, tv/film, e-commerce with brands such as Fox, NBC, Under Armour, and MTV.

    In this episode we explore:

    • From Corporate Employee to Independent Makeup Artist  
    • What did she learn during her time of struggling as a Makeup Artist, Mother and having everything taking away from her?
    • How do you wake up each day with joy?
    • Why do people remain unhappy? 
    • How do you find joy when you are fearful of what your next steps are?

    Show Notes

    Check out her book The Smart Woman's Bounce Back Guide After A Bad Breakup




    You have a choice to live up to your highest potential or set there and wallow away.
    — Jamaya Moore


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